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Nov 23, 2012 9:00am EST
relations board. now a partner at the law firm focusing legal practice on representing management in employee related litigation and contract negotiations. thanks for joining us. the strike so to speak, let's call it that, or protests, don't seem to be impacting walmart's consumers ability to go in there and shop and buy towels and other things. why should this be an issue? >> it depends on what the circumstances are in each location where you see protests. the walmart request for injunctive relief isn't so much to protest terms of employment that is requiring employees to work on black friday, but rather the objective is to obtain recognition by walmart of the union. if that's the case, if it's an object to gain bargaining or recognitional rights that's unlawful. it's whether the picketing went on for an unreasonable duration and may impact retail sales of walmart. if that's the case, there's a 30-day max when it comes to an unreasonable duration, then again the law indicates in the case law that walmart is entitled to relief. >> we've had a couple protesters on. the links seem a
Nov 26, 2012 9:00am EST
exchanges such as what occurred with greece if this is the case and there can be case law said that you have to pay interest to those who didn't exchange, it may make those kind of exchanges far more difficult. >> i listened to your breaking story on friday. i said i don't understand the jurisdiction. how does a federal court tell argentina what to do? >> i think it also comes back to the payment bank of new york as the third party transferrer of funds from argentinean government forcing them to -- it's a good question. i can't say that i can absolutely answer it definitively for you. >> could the federal court order the deposition of the head of iraq? let's get him in here. let's depose him. >> there's some standing questions there. no question about that. >> i just find that argentina may be -- argentina is doing a lot of things behind the scenes with tariffs and very tough on american business people. are they going to say a federal court judge, they're going to hold us in contempt? what does he got? how many divisions does the federal court judge have? >> they can force the payment and i
Nov 27, 2012 9:00am EST
and getting some changes in the law that will allow for direct debt forgiveness. that's the problem. they can't do that. it's illegal right now. that's what you'll see. this was a big deal. the first step along the way to forgiving all of that greek debt. they're not going to repay the money. it's just going to go away over many, many years. let's move on and talk -- i'm telling you, it's a big deal on greece today. great news out of case-shiller. you want year over year changes. year over year up 3.6%. all right. it's not titanic. we had a big drop. it's continually moving in the right direction. home metricks moving in the right direction. you made a big deal over las vegas sands that came out yesterday. i added some of these up. certainly nice that it's happening. it's not amounting to a lot. there's not that many companies out there doing it. to me more important is getting a company to move dividend payments from january into december. even there a few companies are doing it. january of this year i checked on this $21 billion of dividends was paid. a big month for dividend payments in ja
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3